Veganism Trending in China

Veganism is on the rise! The reason? People are realizing the impact their food choices have not only on animals, but on their health and the environment.

In a recent Public Radio International segment, Chinese pop singer Long Kuan delved into the reasons behind the increasing vegetarian population and argued that more people should adopt a plant-based diet. Kuan became vegetarian after reading a United Nations report that blamed meat production for generating more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined.

China once praised a meat-inclusive diet as one of success and prosperity, but vegetarianism is growing in popularity as more people recognize the health benefits and become more eco-conscious. Although China's vegetarian population is 3-4 percent of its total population, this consists of about fifty million people. This represents a huge change from as recently as ten years ago when vegetarianism was a novel concept and very few restaurants offered meat-free dishes.

The Chinese aren't the only ones embracing a compassionate vegetarian diet. School districts and cities all over the United States, and celebrities and athletes worldwide are making the change!

The transition to a plant-based diet has never been easier or more tasty, with cruelty-free alternatives to traditional meat, egg, and dairy products widely available. To learn more about making the switch to a healthy and humane vegan lifestyle, visit Click here for your free Vegetarian Starter Guide.