Lower Insurance Costs for Vegetarians
For years, doctors and nutritionists have championed a vegetarian diet for promoting excellent health. Now, according to the Daily Mail, "Vegetarians are to be offered cheaper life insurance because, it is claimed, they are healthier and less likely to die early."

UK-based Animal Friends Insurance Agency (AFI) has created the Vegetarian Term Life Policy, which provides reduced premiums for vegetarian clients. AFI cites the health benefits of vegetarianism and reduced risk of illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes, as the reasons for the reduced rate. Many insurance providers look at lifestyle factors like smoking and alcohol consumption when creating programs for clients, so it only makes sense that steps taken to reduce preventable illnesses, such as adopting a vegetarian diet, should also be considered and rewarded.

This is a great milestone in the promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before similar policies are implemented right here in the United States.

Aside from benefiting your health and affording you cheaper life insurance, eating a plant-based diet can also help you save money at the supermarket. Additionally, it's the best way to take a stand against the animal suffering and abuse rampant on today's factory farms. For more information on going vegetarian, visit ChooseVeg.com and make sure to order a copy of our free Vegetarian Starter Guide too!