Who says peanut butter needs jelly? Check out these unbelievably delicious peanut butter recipes!

1. Peanut Butter Pretzel Truffles

PretzelTruffle.jpgThese truffles are as mouthwatering as you imagine!

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

PeanutButterSmoothie.jpgSmoothies are the cat's meow. Get the recipe here.

3. Peanut Butter Caramel Apples

PeanutButterApples.jpgA new take on an old favorite.

4. Peanut Butter Mousse

PeanutButterMousse.jpgThis decadent recipe is a keeper!

5. Peanut Butter Apple Breakfast Quinoa

PeanutButterQuinoa.jpgYes, peanut butter has a healthy side too.

6. Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Banana Quesadillas

PeanutButterQuesadilla.jpgTrust us, you want to try these.

7. Fresh Lettuce Wraps with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce

PeanutButterLettuceWraps.jpgSearching for something savory? These will do the trick!

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641888791_1377627509.jpgOut of concern for the environment, Ikea announced that it will soon be serving a vegetarian version of its popular Swedish meatball dish.

"We are aware of the meat issue with greenhouse gases," Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for Ikea in the UK, said. "We are looking at all our food products from a sustainability perspective but specifically meatballs. They are very popular and they are also our most carbon-intensive food item on our menu."

Ikea currently serves an estimated 150 million meatballs made from pork and beef each year. The environmentally friendly and compassionate "veg balls" should be available sometime in 2015.

Don't want to wait that long? Check out this recipe for delicious vegan Swedish meatballs and make them yourself.

For even more vegan inspiration, visit ChooseVeg.com for free recipes and tips.

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WBF Cow Lift 02.pngAfter being caught on hidden camera beating, kicking and stabbing cows, Abelardo Jaimes and Lucia Martinez pled no contest to a total of 3 counts of animal cruelty today in Brown County Circuit Court. Their convictions come after an undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at Wiese Brothers Farms in Greenleaf, Wisconsin, documented Jaimes and Martinez viciously kicking, whipping, beating and stabbing cows in the face and body.

Following the release of Mercy For Animals' graphic footage, two other Wiese Brothers Farms workers were also charged with multiple counts of criminal animal cruelty. Their cases are still pending.  

Watch the shocking undercover video here:


Mercy For Animals praises the Brown County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office for taking swift and decisive action in pursuing justice for these abused and exploited animals.

At the time of Mercy For Animals' investigation, Wiese Brothers Farms was a cheese supplier for DiGiorno Pizza -- the nation's largest frozen pizza manufacturer. Mercy For Animals is calling on DiGiorno Pizza, owned by Nestlé, to adopt meaningful animal welfare guidelines, including zero tolerance for kicking, punching, and shocking cows; requiring suppliers to prohibit painful and unnecessary mutilations of animals; and requiring suppliers to provide a safe, clean, and sanitary environment for cattle.

This is the fifth undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals in recent years that has led to animal cruelty convictions against workers at dairy factory farms, illustrating the rampant animal abuse allowed to fester, undetected and unaddressed, throughout our nation's dairy industry.

The only way to ensure sensitive cows are not victims of such horrific cruelty is to ditch dairy for good. Visit ChooseVeg.com for dairy-free recipes and tips today.

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We know that eating a vegan diet is good for our health and saves the lives of innocent animals, but how many of us think about the ways our food impacts the planet?

For those who consider themselves "green" or "eco-friendly," eating a plant-based, vegan diet is a must for saving the planet. Here are six ways being veg does just that!

1. Lightens Your Carbon Footprint

footprints-man-beach-morning.jpgCare about climate change? Switching to a vegan diet reduces carbon emissions by 50 percent. 50 percent!

2. Takes Back the Land

LandUsePhoto.jpgA whopping 30 percent of Earth's land is used for raising animals for food, including the land required to grow feed crops. We could grow so many fruits and veggies with that land.

3. Feeds the Hungry

HungerPhoto.jpgWith so many hungry people in this world, 70 percent of the grains grown in the U.S. are still fed to farmed animals. Imagine how many people we could feed if we all went vegan.

4. Saves Water

WaterUsePhoto.jpgDid you know that it takes 15 times more water to produce a pound of beef than a pound of soy? Don't just take shorter showers; ditch meat from your diet!

5. Halts Deforestation

DeforestationPhoto.jpgEighty percent of the Amazon's deforested land is used as cattle pasture. Going meat-free saves the trees!

6. Prevents Pollution

PollutionPhoto.jpgA pound of beef requires 13 percent more fossil fuels to produce than a pound of soy. If you really want to save fossil fuel, don't just drive a Prius, cut meat out of your diet.

For tips on switching to an eco-friendly plant-based diet, check out ChooseVeg.com!

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Summer is the perfect time for young social justice advocates to get more active and get training and support to make an even greater difference. Enter Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, a weeklong overnight camp.

1463547_10152454272039698_602180978_n.jpgAt YEA Camp, youth 12-17 learn important activist skills like starting a school club, fundraising, using art and social media for social change, and communicating effectively -- especially with people who disagree. YEA Camp also develops campers' confidence to speak up about what's important to them.

Because the camp tries to model sustainability and compassion, all of the food is vegan. Campers don't have to be vegetarian to attend, but with a personal vegan chef as the camp cook, many are impressed enough with the food that they go veg after camp.

1463472_10152395808409698_812307576_n.jpgCampers working on animal issues have gone on to volunteer with MFA, start school veg clubs, get vegan options in their cafeterias, fundraise for MFA, pass out leaflets, and so many other inspiring things to make the world a more compassionate place.

MFA is proof of the difference one teenager can make. MFA's founder, Nathan Runkle, started the organization in 1999 when he was just 15!

999857_10152131253719698_1471949418_n.jpgYEA Camp has sessions in California, Oregon, and Massachusetts, though campers come from all over the country and even other countries to attend this unique program. To learn more about YEA Camp, visit www.yeacamp.org.

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Calf200117610-001 copy.jpgOn Tuesday, the Kentucky legislature adjourned without passing a controversial "ag-gag" bill that would have banned filming or recording inside a factory farm. This is a major victory for farmed animals across the country!

Our success in Kentucky is due in large part to the compassionate MFA members who spoke out against the bill by calling and emailing their legislators, as well as behind-the-scenes efforts of a large coalition of national animal protection, civil liberties, food safety, and environmental groups. The coalition has been working tirelessly to stop the shameful attempts by pro-factory farming interests to stifle whistleblowers and sweep evidence of animal cruelty under the rug.

Modern farming practices can't stand the light of day. And that is why the agricultural industry is so desperate to keep the public from finding out what really happens behind the closed doors of America's factory farms and slaughterhouses.

This is what the industry doesn't want you to see:


Undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals and other groups play a crucial role in our society. Investigations have led to landmark corporate animal welfare policy reforms, new and improved laws to protect farmed animals and the environment, felony convictions of animal abusers, increased consumer protection and food safety initiatives, and the closure of particularly corrupt facilities.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose ag-gag bills as simply un-American and bad for animals and consumers. To learn more about how you can take a stand against ag-gag, sign up for MFA's email updates.

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Over 50 Mercy For Animals supporters and Sunrise Sanctuary volunteers joined forces last weekend for an afternoon of spring cleaning at Sunrise's 16-acre animal rescue and sanctuary in Marysville, Ohio. Sunrise Sanctuary is a permanent shelter that provides a safe haven for over 170 animals.

DSC06659.JPGLed by A-list activist Kevin O'Connor, volunteers cleaned out the barns, did some repairs, and of course, groomed any of the animals who were interested in the attention. This young volunteer even did some painting!

painting.jpgIn between chores, the volunteers had plenty of opportunities to play and interact with the animals living at Sunrise. Sunrise is home to pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, and many more. For some volunteers, this was their first time meeting a cow or chicken. They quickly learned how affectionate they can be, and how similar they are to the dogs and cats we know and love.

1625756_10152329125260619_716690532_n.jpgFeeling inspired? Want to make a difference for the animals? Check out MFA's events pages to learn about happenings in your area. For more information on volunteering with MFA, click here.

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Everybody loves dessert! Check out these 10 sweets from around the world done vegan-style!

1. Pistachio Gelato

PistachioGelato.jpgThis Italian treat is sure to please!

2. Gajar Halwa

GajarHalwa.jpgThis Indian carrot pudding is as divine as it looks!

3. Maple Candy

MapleCandy.jpgSo simple, yet so delicious!

4. Baklava

Baklava.jpgThis Turkish dessert will melt in your mouth!

5. Apple Strudel

AppleStrudel1.jpgYes, please! Get the recipe here.

6. Daifuku Mochi

DaifukuMochi.jpgA scrumptious sweet from Japan, this is a classic.

7. Flan

Flan.jpgTake a trip to Spain with this creamy custard.

8. Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice

ThaiMangoRice.jpgThis special sweet from Thailand is as amazing as you think!

9. Bao Bing

BaoBing.jpgThis shaved ice dessert from Taiwan is decadent and easy to make!

10. Blueberry Yogurt Pierogi

BlueberryPierogi.jpgGo on a Polish adventure with these sweet snacks!

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April 16, 2014

Is It Time to Tax Meat?

62C947EF-56F3-4CED-810F-C60E8A4C9A69.jpgWith tax season upon us, Bloomberg Businessweek is highlighting the "economic case for taxing meat" and the ongoing discussion of "sin taxes."

Unlike taxes on wages earned, sin taxes aim to curb undesirable behavior, like smoking, consumption of alcohol, or industrial pollution. According to the article's author Charles Kenny, "It's time to add one more sin to the list of habits that should be taxed: excessive meat consumption."

With Americans leading the charge, consuming more animals per capita than any other country, there's never been a better time to consider the economic repercussions of our meat-heavy diet.

Not only is eating meat bad for animals and the environment, it's proven hazardous to human health, with one in two Americans dying from heart disease, a brutal killer that is directly related to what's on our plates.

"At the other end of the consumption scale, all that meat production also makes for more expensive staple foods for the world's undernourished," explains the article.

The article further states that "the livestock industry presents a growing global threat in its relationship with infectious disease. Domesticated animals have been the incubators of many of the world's greatest killer diseases, from smallpox through measles to tuberculosis."

Whether you're concerned about environmental destruction, animal suffering on factory farms, antibiotic-resistant superbugs, your own health, or the world's poor, your food choices hold tremendous power.

Visit ChooseVeg.com for hundreds of delicious recipes along with tips on adopting a vegetarian diet.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.50.06 AM.pngA runaway steer is making headlines! MLive.com reports that a steer -- destined to be someone's dinner -- narrowly escaped a merciless death by kicking open a gate at a North Dakota slaughterhouse and making a run for it!

After the steer was spotted by workers at a local school and captured, activists were able to secure a place for him at SASHA Farm, a sanctuary in Michigan where he will live his life in peace. "So instead of his intended future - one where he was bound to be the main course on dinner plates and at restaurants - Fargo, the 3-year-old steer, will live out his days being cared for with about 300 other rescued animals at SASHA."

This isn't the first time animals about to be slaughtered have fled for their lives. The article also tells the stories of several other farmed animals who were lucky enough to escape their cruel fates and end up at SASHA, including a sheep who jumped off the back of a pickup truck on the way to slaughter.

Farmed animals cling to life just like any other animal would. They feel fear, pain, and suffering just like the dogs and cats we all know and love. Unfortunately, on today's factory farms, these animals are treated as mere machines, and their short lives are filled with misery and deprivation.

The best thing that compassionate people can do to help farmed animals is simply to stop eating them. To learn more about adopting a delicious and humane vegan diet, visit ChooseVeg.com today.

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